If you are a serious athlete, striving to be one, or simply eager to get in shape, Formula Sports Nutrition is here to support your nutritional needs.

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Learn a thing or two about sports / health supplements and gain clarity of what you are putting in your body!

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We are proud to supply the best brands in the industry such as Gaspari, ONNIT, MyoBlox, Black Market Labs and many more quality brands!

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From the moment you walk through our door, we will provide you not only with the highest quality of products but also the highest quality of customer service and advice.

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That means VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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Get your scrawny little buddy something he could REALLY use! Like some weight gainer or a quality protein powder!

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We’re always expanding our selection and researching the best possible products to supply, if you have a suggestion let us know! WE LISTEN!

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Latest Blog


Formula Sports Nutrition has been awarded ‘Best Nutrition and Supplement Store’ in the Bay Area for 2013! We have the smallest shop in the bay area, yet it seems the people along with business recognition services seem to bring us justice. Glad to know we’re off to the rightful start. (sure will not be the last as far as our work ethic goes). This year we hope to establish a bigger presence and continue to help every single person who walks through the door. Thank you everybody and love you all!


It is 2am, and I cannot sleep. I also cannot stop thinking about how far the industry of Sports Nutrition has fallen. Where are the good products? Why can’t companies make something worth while? Where is the loyalty in brands? Well, the answer is quite simple once a company has a board of directors…. GREED. That word alone sparks many emotions and none of which are tied up with the words well being, effectiveness, and my personal favorite, results…. (Hence Formula is a critical nutrition shop to come to for information, guidance, and great products). At Formula, you can be assured you will be helped to the absolute fullest. We will provide extensive knowledge before anything being purchased as the customer should have complete clarity. This is NOT another franchised store with a sales man behind the counter selling nothing than misinformation and pipe dreams. This is a local shop with nothing to hide and all to inform. Don’t Believe The Hype. – John


Not too long ago ISOFRACT was discontinued. The main reason was the cost, you see whey isolate costs A LOT to produce and being the small company we are, we couldn’t afford it. However, as days turned to weeks, weeks turned to a few months (only 2 months to be exact). Many people by email, in person kept requesting it to come back (in fact, some even mad). Over budget in product development, and without compromising the integrity of the product, we brought it back. Since then, it has become everybody’s favorite protein and has spread through the bay area all the way to the Big Apple. Now it seems this protein needs to be pre-ordered to even get in ones hands.  So, we thank YOU the MyoBlox community for believing this bay area based company.


At Formula, we put a lot of emphasis into saving money. No doubt in my mind, you will save more money here than any store in San Mateo, as well as the entire Bay Area. This store was made to cater to all diverse categories of health, fitness, and well-being without implementing the motives of a high profit, low quality shop. Long story short, we are a small shop, with BIG savings, BIG results, and BIG quality.